carpet cleaning

Do you remember how AWESOME it was the first time you had your carpet professionally cleaned, or even when it was brand new? You knew that EVERY dollar you spent was well-worth it, because your home looked clean and presentable…

Well – Life happens, and just like tires on a car, your carpet is typically the FIRST thing to wear out after prolonged use…Eventually; you can wave BYE BYE to that fresh carpet feeling!

Here’s where we come in! Renaissance Carpet is here to revive your carpet and home! We utilize an extremely thorough cleaning process which translates to a better overall clean, and faster drying times once completed. This system in conjunction with rigorous yet fabric/pet safe cleaning will have your carpets looking AMAZING, and your home will actually be safer for your family through elimination of dust, dirt, and mold spores! We also offer unmatched Tile Cleaning services in addition to round’ the clock 24 hour Emergency Flood Service! – There’s really nothing we can’t do!

We understand that when it comes to selecting a carpet cleaning company, there are many choices available to you as a consumer…

We want to stress that we are passionate about what we do, and have the experience and repeat customer base to back it up! Give us just ONE try and we will strive to earn every penny of your hard-earned, and give you results that truly impress you with a fresh clean home or office, every single time!

There is a 100% Guarantee on ALL work performed, so if you’re considering us for your carpet cleaning needs, DO NOT HESITATE!

Call TODAY and ask about our 3 room for $99 Special! – (619) 248-5407

Or Simply Visit Us Online! –

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